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How to Balance being a Chicago Escort, a Sugar Baby and a Girlfriend Part 3


Setting limits as a Chicago Escort is easy, with my SD and boyfriend, not so much.

I talked about limits with both sides, and we discovered ones we would all be able to concede to. When I began dating my beau, I let my Sugar Daddy know I needed our relationship to be simply non-romantic. My Sugar Daddy could embrace me and hold my hand each once in for a little while, yet I didn't need kissing or sex. He approved of that. There were sure points my Sugar Daddy and I would discuss which I tried to keep in certainty.

On the off chance that something made little difference to our relationship, my beau didn't have to know. He didn't get some information about my Daddy, and my Daddy was deferential of my (absence of) physical needs. Limits can be something as meager as epithets. My Sugar Daddy would call me "baby young lady" and my beau would call me "nectar bun". Each was uncommon to me and the other wasn't permitted to utilize it.


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