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Social Media and Your Escort Business

Every major business you patron has a Facebook and Twitter account. Even the smaller businesses are getting in on the action and Google has taken notice! 
Did you know, these two major social media networking websites are a part of Google’s Algorithm’s and if you have social media networking accounts with your businesses name you will receive higher ranking? It’s true. Your business needs to have its own Facebook and Twitter account.

When I make this statement to ladies most ladies always say, “I don’t want my family to see my photos and this business together!” This immediately lets me know she probably has issues with her escort businesses identity and seeing her escort business AS A BUSINESS. Escorts, until you treat your escort business like a REAL BUSINESS don’t expect clients to either. I made no statements insinuating you post your personal images. I said your business needs its own Facebook and Twitter account with your escort business name in it or preferably your domain name. If you’re not comfortable placing your images on this page even with a cutout or blurred face then simply don’t. 


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