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Sexual Activity Could Change After Marriage How to solve this problem!

If you are a man or women, does not matter; your sexual Activity could change after marriage. If you are a married person, you also agree with me. If the same question may ask your husband or wife, the answer is YES. There is something changed. But why the change comes? How does it happen? Is there any way to prevent it? Today we are seeking all the answers of the question above. But we may find the answers, we may not. But we know the destination. The sex life of a married couple is very much important. Today our destination or goal is to keep the thrilling of having the sex for the first time between the husband and wife. Another method to learning about this topic would be to discuss it in a nice, caming setting. Luckily, there are quite a lot of lovely ladies here on this site waiting to be booked with whom you can talk to.


                                        For some couples, love is some unexplainable thing which also leads to the ultimatum, sex. But for some people, it’s just a routine job. Young couples, who are married for 6 months or 1 year, may have the bond between them. But if a domestic violence and post marital afire come in to place, the life is ruined there. Some couples who work in IT may have difficulties in their sex life due to the time schedule and stress from the office. The sex is again a routine job for them or just the part of life. But they were not fine with their limited sex lives. When some visitors came to their house, they act normally. But inside they are burning, which is resulted to a divorce. So we have to worry about this kind of things. There's not a person, who may speak the truth about their married life and sex unless you are a marriage counselor.


                                         When you're dating a boy or girl, you need to fight to win the other person heart. You should feel a little bit of pressure to present the best things all the time from you. You show some chivalry to the girl. But once you're married, you won’t show that kind of passion. It’s not that, you should stop making an effort to present your love. But it’s a thing on your unconscious mind is telling you that, you won your prize. There is nothing to worry. Se became yours, blah blah blah. Once you're married, sometimes you will lose the greedy ness for your partner. This could be seen in some long term relationships, the couple who are ‘live togethering’ for too long, they could face this problem. And the couple may argue about sex until they spent a lot of time with each other. In a relationship, the passion or mental bonding is all. But the physical bonding is required too. If not, the court will not allow an immediate divorce after marriage, if any one of the couples is medically proven to be a lack of sex or important. One partner might have a higher sexual need than the other person. Or one partner may not like other person’s actions during sex. Something the lack of mutual speech is the issue of not having the right experience. Every person is different, so they may have different sexual tastes and desires, which may and should change over time. The change is necessary. You will never like the same food over and over again, do you? You may think to change the flooding habits. But don’t think about changing the sex partner. Then this will be a crime, and it’s punishable by law.







                                         If you have a mental problem, or huge pressure from your job or business, you might lose your confidence. Even you are an adventurous person, but you may feel the emptiness. So before the breakdown, visit the psychologist or a counselor, who may solve your problems! You then feel like a turbo charge person with a sexual freedom and fantasies. This is really helpful for you than you ever imagined. Some couples find that, to keep the sex life interesting over the long haul some times you need to be adventurous. Just trying some new positions with your partner could be added sugar and spices in your life. You’re married, and you have some kids too. But your sex life is not yours. It's for your partner, husband or wife who may it is. To keep your passion and sex life in shape sharp and perfectly tuned for many years is a tough job. If you are successful, don’t forget to share your secret with others.


                                        As from medical perspective, the sex is very much important to maintaining immunity. If you have a regular passionate sex, you should feel much younger. This will keep your skin toned and with a glory in mind. A headache is the common phrase to avoid sex in a married life, but did you know, in the time of sex your brain stimulates a hormone which is 100 times powerful than any pain relief medicine. As your marriage getting old by years, you might find that sex is not about a desirable thing. It’s not just to have a chilling sex with your partner, but more like a habit or something else. Sometimes the sex is just for physical satisfaction or a need, but no romance or fun factor may involve. If you're having fertility issues, you might use it to get pregnant, nothing else. Just like a machine who just delivers its work. But no pain or feelings involved.


                                         Slow down or stop having sex in a married life is not an option. You have to start with a new aim. Just use some special love game. You and your partner will love that. Sex is not just for own satisfaction. The real meaning of sex is – make love. You have to satisfy your partner. And your partner will try to satisfy you. Don’t be shy; your partner is not some outsider. He or she is your life, your child’s mother or father. Try to speak with what you love about sex and what you don’t. Just like the very first time you make love with your partner. Try to remember the feelings. The foreplay is the key. Most married people won concentrate on foreplay, so the partner will miss that. But they won’t try to ask you for the proper thing. As I say, open your mouth, asks for it. You will have it. You will get back the glory of young days. Just unlock the life with the key of love making. Wish every couple a very happy passionate night!  

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